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Our products & partners

alpha connect capital focusses on a limited number of product partners with whom we are cooperating in the long run. When selecting such partners and strategies the following criteria are key:

  • Comprehensive and consistent investment approach
  • Capital preservation and low downside volatility are more important than high returns
  • Transparency and liquidity
  • Straight forward implementation of the investment strategy in non-complicated investment formats such as UCITS or Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) possible
  • Products are not competing with each other


Here is a brief overview of our major partners:

Logo: avesco Financial Services AG

Avesco is an investment manager and was founded in Berlin in 1999. The service spectrum of this distinguished and multiple award winning company comprises of wealth management, investment advisory and the management of single- and multi-asset portfolios. Amongst others, avesco oversees a sustainability fund called ‘avesco Sustainable Hidden Champions Equity’. This fund applies the Ö²SE method, which was developed by Sustainability Intelligence (see below) to select the underlying stocks to invest in. Furthermore, avesco runs the ‘MAC BIC’, a dynamically managed multi asset account with absolute return characteristics.

Logo: Informed Portfolio Management

Informed Portfolio Management (“IPM”) is a leading specialist investment manager headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company employs 50 people and manages $8bn on behalf of institutional investors such as government agencies, pension funds, foundations and insurance companies. These investors come to IPM for the company’s predominantly fundamentally-driven and solid investment process. IPM offers the highest degree of transparency and liquidity, while all assets are managed by a very stable investment team. The company’s extensive range of systematic investment solutions can be tailored to the investor’s specific needs, including GTAA/Systematic Macro, Currency Management, Commodities, Derivatives and Fundamental Indexation.

Logo: Millburn

Millburn has managed proprietary and investor capital through systematic trading of futures since 1971. Millburn's core strength is its well funded Research and Development department. Millburn trades up to 120+ markets across its portfolios. Trading is 100% systematic and combines trend-following trading with short-term pattern recognition models, event-driven models, fundamental models, spread trading and intraday models.

Logo: Paris Capital Advisors

Paris Capital Advisors, located in London, focuses exclusively on quantitative option strategies in global index markets. Trading Options is the core professional experience of the principals, each having more than 20 years´experience in senior trading and fund management positions. Paris Capital employs a unique combination of alpha and protection strategies with the aim to generate repeatable and uncorrelated returns to equity markets and other major asset classes.

Logo: Quaesta Capital GmbH

Quaesta Capital is a Frankfurt (Germany) and Pfaeffikon (Switzerland) based independent alternative investment management firm specialized in the management of systematic and discretionary absolute return strategies as well as currency overlay and currency advisory services:

  • FX Multi-Manager-Program
  • FX Single Strategies
  • Currency Overlay / Currency Advisory
  • Absolute Return Macro and Fixed Income Funds
Logo: Sustainability Intelligence

Sustainability Intelligence, located in Berlin, is an independent firm offering information and advisory services focused on evaluating the sustainability of companies and investments. In doing this Sustainability Intelligence is applying their proprietary method which is called Ö²SE and reflects a holistic approach taking into account the four aspects economy, ecology, social responsibility and ethical behaviour. Contrary to other methods in the field which are usually tilted towards a criteria or best in class approach, the results of the Ö²SE method reflect a very comprehensive and transparent picture of sustainability.